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Force Testing

A testing service for automated gates
Gate automation force test

About Force Testing

The Health & Safety Executive changed their regulations regarding electrical automated machinery because over the last few years a number of young children have either been killed or seriously injured from becoming entrapped within an automatic gate. 

If you own an automated gate you must ensure compliance with the new regulations laid out in Automatic Gates Force Testing Health & Safety Testing to BS EN 12453 Machine Directive and BS‐EN12445 Machine Directive (Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety in use of power operated doors. Test methods).

Both these standards are available in full from The British Standard Institute.

Our company are fully committed to gate safety and every new installation is force tested by our trained engineers. We are CameSafe accredited and we as a company are working towards a clearer and safer way forward for electric gates and the regulation of the industry.

  Failure to do so may put the public, your staff, and other workers at risk by the installations current design, construction, operation or lack of maintenance.

Annual Gate Force Testing

This is now a legal requirement and must be undertaken annually. Our engineers have been trained to the highest standard to carry out force testing to all types of gates, automatic doors, roller shutters and barriers. We carry out a full test which takes up to two hours to perform. From the calibrated equipment used we produce detailed test results and then we can then identify if work needs to be undertaken to bring the installation up to the new H&S requirement.

The whole process takes around 2 hours to perform and you will be issued with the results which you must retain as evidence for your insurers and the HSE. We are also obliged to keep these test results for a minimum of 10 years.

Where an individual has decided not to comply with the regulations under the HSE directive we have to record that contact has been made and issue them with a non compliance document. This then dissolves our obligation under the directive.

Annual Service

Basic routine checks should be carried out on all mechanical parts and lubricants used to help your equipment perform efficiently. Should a problem be identified you will be advised accordingly. A service record is issued for you to keep with your annual force testing results.

What To Do Now?

Initially we suggest you contact your insurance company to establish if you will still be covered if you choose not to have this work undertaken and how this will affect you should an accident occur.

To arrange for a Force Test and Service contact us for more details about costs etc. 

Should we have to alter the installation to comply with the new requirements additional charges will apply. However, it is unlikely this work will be carried out on the same day as specific parts may need to be ordered. A written quotation detailing exactly what is required will be issued and work will only commence upon receipt of a written agreement to proceed.

  Please note it is your responsibility to maintain and comply with the HSE regulations, if you do not comply and a person is killed or injured you may be liable and more than likely prosecuted for non compliance.