58 Edison Road Aylesbury Bucks HP19 8TE


Fitting Instructions

  • Tee Hinges and offset Hinges



Product-  https://aylesbury-gates.co.uk/shop/gate-accessories/hinges/pair-of-gatemate-medium-t-hinges/


Tools and fixings needed

  • Screwdriver ( manual or Powered )
  • tape or rule
  •  spirit level
  • clamps
  • Screws

1.Place hinges in desired positions on gate ensuring strap is horizontal and parallel to ledge. ( The ledges are the horizontal timbers on the gate)

2.Leave gap for T hinge to operate correctly  on Post/ Frame fixing side.


3. Now everything is in place hold the T hinge or clamp T hinge to timber and fix with correct length screws using a screwdriver. (We would use a PZ2 Phillips screw headed  screw) .Then repeat the other T hinge or T hinges.

For 2″ (two inch) gates less that 45mm screws and for 3″ (three inch)   gates less than 70mm.

4. Now you have hinged the gate and ready for hanging. ( Look into our Blog on hanging more ironmongery as most gates will require more than just T hinges )

Hanging Gate

5.Position gate in opening and support, allowing correct clearances between gate and post. Up to 8mm on hanging side and up to 8mm on closing side . Clearance should be dependent on the ground level if the gate is on level ground or rising. On level ground you can hang the gate as low as possible without touching.

6. Fasten Hinges to post /frame with suitable  screws for the posts (post or frame must be level). Making sure you hang the gate level with a spirit level and with even gaps.

Finished Product