Gate Automation (Electric Gates)

We are approved CameSafe installers of Came automation equipment thus being the supplier for this field of security.

All our installations have a risk assessment, are force tested to EN12445, issued with a technical documentation pack and CE marked for full EN12453 compliance. Ongoing maintenance and repair is available.

Came Safe Installer

Below is a list of the type of equipment that is available for your needs: –

Please Note All Gate Automation kits come with the following: –

Control Panel, Radio Receiver, Tuned Antenna, 2 remote controls and a pair of safety cells

Ati Gate Automation ArmDaitem Intercom

Gate AutomationGate Automation

Swing Gate Systems

Came Frog Arm
Frog Gate Automation
This is an underground automation kit that can operate gates of up to 3.5m per leaf and is one of the smoothist arms available.

Came Frog J ArmFrog J Gate Automation This is also an underground automation kit but can operate gates up to 1.8m and requires less ground work to submerge the box encasing the arm.

Came Super Frog ArmSuperfrog Gate Automation This is similar to the other frog systems available but is designed to operate much larger gates up to 8m per leaf.

Came Ferni Arm
Ferni Articulated Arm Gate Automation
This is a arm automation kit that is mainly used on large brick or stone pilliars. These can operate gates of up to 4m per leaf.

Came Fast ArmFast Arm Gate Automation This is a arm automation kit that is designed for medium-to-large pillars. With Fast, installation is quick and no extra work is needed on the pillar or gate itself. These can operate gates of up to 2.3m per leaf.

Ati Worm Drive Gate Automation This is a worm drive automation kit that is designed to operate gates of up to 5m each leaf. This type of kit is the most popular, cost effective and efficient way of automating your gates.

Came Axo ArmAxo Worm Drive Gate Automation This is a worm drive automation kit that is designed to opearte gates of up to 7m per leaf. What makes this system unique is it features an encoder which fully controls the gate thrust during operation so if under force the system will stop.

Came Amico ArmAmico worm Drive Gate Automation This is a worm drive automation kit. Amico’s built-in encoder technology constantly monitors and controls the gates movement, allowing for total safety. Similar to the axo but can operate gates up to 2.2m per leaf.

Came Stylo ArmStylo Arm Gate Automation This is an arm automation kit designed for small swing gates operating gates up to 1.6m per leaf. It needs very little space to be installed and fits even when the pillars are up against a wall or fence. It is the ideal to manage pedestrian passages.

Sliding Gate Systems

Came BX243 SliderBx-243 Sliding Gate Automation Equipped with a new generation, built-in control panel. Its modern design and 24 V motor make it a complete system for sliding residential gates. This product gives reliability and durability and can operate gates weighing up to 300kg.

Came BX SliderBx Sliding Gate Automation The BX series adapts to legislative standards through new command electronics which best respond to the different needs of apartment blocks and homes. This system can operate gates weighing up to 800kg.

Came BK SliderBk Sliding Gate Automation The BK is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. This system can operate gates weighing up to 2200kg.

Came BY3500T SliderBy-3500T Sliding Gate Automation Power and reliability, the features that make this model ideal for large-sized gate leaves, such as industrial, sliding gates. This system can operate gates weighing up to 3500kg.

Other Types of Automation kits available

 Garage Door Automation, Automatic Barriers, Turnstiles and Bollards

Automation Accessories

Control Panels, Remote Controls, Digital Keypads, Electronic Keyswitch, Automatic Keyreader, Safety Photocells, Induction Loops, Electric Latch and Intercom Systems, Safety Edges, Presence Detection (Laser Curtain)

Approved CameSafe Installer of Came Products

Came Safe Installer

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